Prayer Requests

Bible Missionary Baptist Church
February 19, 2023
*Indicates the newest prayer requests
Our Kingdom-Related Prayer Requests
  1. Pray that sincere confession of sin and biblical repentance will occur in our hearts, our families, churches, and communities.
  2. Pray for the Name of the Lord to be exalted in the community.
  3. Pray for the various ministries of our church, with a focus on those related to missions, missionaries, evangelism and to have a Holy Boldness in 2022.
  4. Pray for our pastor and all pastors who preach Jesus as the only way for salvation.
  5. Pray for Christians who are currently experiencing persecution throughout the world.
  6. Pray for the leaders of our country, as well as local government, men/women serving in the military, all law enforcement, firemen, and caregivers/medical staff.
  7. Pray for Judy I., Charles A., Marie B., Susan S., Stephen G., Ann G., Carolyn C., Joanne S., Twillah B., Randy R., Shelly R., Joan L., Pearl C., John G., Kathy B., Jane R., James S., Lauren j.
  8. Pray for Matt & Brittany.
  9. Pray for David & Kathy.
  10. Pray for Calvin P.
  11. Pray for James S.
  12. Pray for Rod P. and Kelly P.
  13. Pray for Dennis T.
  14. Pray for Stephanie, Evan and Sophie.
  15. Pray for Dianne S.
  16. Pray for Kelly.
  17. Pray for John E. 
  18. Pray for Jack H.
  19. Pray for Cheyenne R.
  20. Pray for Jim L.
  21. Pray for Marie H. 
  22. Pray for Mrs. Tillman
  23. Pray for Sandy G.
  24. Pray for Tammy J.
  25. Pray for Dustin - 5 month old
  26. Pray for Clyde D. 
  27. Pray for Barbara and Jimmy P
  28. Pray for Courtney's grandmother
  29. Pray for Judy S.
  30. Pray for Courtney C.
  31. Pray for Lionel S.
  32. Pray for Ivy - 2 years old
  33. Pray for Danny S.
  34. Pray for Rhonda G.
  35. Pray for Brittany R. 
  36. Pray for John S. 
  37. Pray for Butch M.
  38. Pray for Colin - 6 months old
  39. Pray for Jana P. 

Prayer Request Form

We would be honored to pray for you or someone you know. Our team prays for all the prayer requests we receive on a regular basis.