The Media Message

The Media Message
Among my mother’s most treasured possessions was a homemade Mother’s Day card, penned and illustrated by her oldest daughter over sixty-five years ago. The card contained the following lyrics.
M- Is for the million things    she gave me.
O- Means only that she’s growing old.
T- Is for the tears she shed to save me.
H- Is for her heart, as pure as gold.
E- Is for her eyes, so brightly shining.
R- Means right, and right she’ll always be.
Put them all together; they spell MOTHER, a word that means the world to me.
            -Author Unknown
Homemade, but cherished and priceless!  Doesn’t take that much to make a mama happy!
                      -Rita Mangum
Looking for the lyrics and/or music to a favorite song or hymn from your childhood?  We may be able to help!  The church media library has a large number of songbooks and hymnals, across denominational lines, in the 780’s collection.
            By Carolyn Coates
With the gift of prayer, our Lord has provided a personal and powerful tool to help keep us connected to Him and to each other.  The Holy Spirit strengthens, renews, and restores us as we seek the Father’s will.  The Holy Bible provides our foundation, and in the Word, we find that there are many types of prayer.
Confession: Through this prayer, we are able to give our sins to the Lord           (1 John 1:9).
Thanksgiving and Praise:  These prayers are made in gratitude for our homes, family, friends and health.  Our praise is how we honor Him, sometimes with songs (Psalm 100: 4)
Intercessory:  These prayers are sent up on behalf of the needs of others such as our church family, our own family, and our friends.  These prayers may also be offered for those we do not know personally but have learned of their heavy burdens through    the prayer requests of others.  I have found myself practicing this type of prayer while looking upon the sad countenance of others, unknown to me, while sitting in a doctor’s waiting area (John 14: 14).
Communion:  These are prayers of silence when we go into our quiet place to listen for God’s answers and to lean into the comfort of His loving arms (Duet. 33: 27a).
As we exercise this powerful tool, prayer, we are able to face all the challenges of the day and to keep our spiritual armor in place (Ephesians 6: 10-20).  May our prayers be according to His will (Hebrews 13: 21).
To strengthen your prayer life, check out Rev. E.W. Price, Jr.’s leaflet entitled Acts in Prayer.  Rev. White was the pastor of Green Street Baptist Church in High Point, NC, when he shared this manual on the biblical basis of prayer. 
Simply put, Rev. White encourages us to:
A—Adoration (affirm God’s presence)
C—Confession (our sins)
T—Thanksgiving (our blessings)
S—Supplication (seeking for ourselves and others)
“They all joined together constantly in prayer…”—Acts 1: 14, NIV
Books on the value, place and methods of prayer in the Christian life are found in the 248.3 section of the church media library.  A sample of the books on prayer that we have to offer follows:
Murray, Andrew- Living a Prayerful Life-an inspiring and practical guide on how to be a prayer warrior, how to overcome the sin of omission, and how prayerlessness blocks spiritual growth.  Murray uses a devotional style to help readers develop a vital spiritual life through prayer. 
Gills, James- The Prayerful Spirit- Dr. Gill believes that the words faithful, fervent, and focused should describe the prayer life of a believer.  He explains how prayer has changed his life, the lives of other doctors and their patients, and how it can change the life of the reader. 
Edwards, Judy- How to Pray for Missions- Edwards helps the reader become aware of how to pray for the specific needs of our missionaries.  She also offers helps in praying for missions individually, with family, in small or large groups, or in worship services.  Her book also has great ideas for using the prayer calendar which includes the names of missionaries all around the world on his/her birthday.
Dean, Jennifer Kennedy-Heart’s Cry:  Principles of Prayer- Dean uses biblical imperatives to help the reader discover new insights on types of prayer as she shares how God can change the heart of the one who prays according to His principles.  This author contends that the deepest cry of the heart is the one that yearns to be filled with the power and presence of the Father.
Guideposts- the Hidden Hand of God:  Remarkable Answered Prayers -  Patricia S. Klein, an independent editor for this Guidepost series, has gathered this collection of inspiring personal stories about how God works in the very details of our lives.  These testimonies give witness to our constant and caring God who hears our quietest prayers.
During our upcoming yard sale in June, the church medial library will offer a sale on children’s books. We have an abundance of gently used books for preschoolers and beginning readers and limited space in our library to house them.  Please let family, friends and neighbors with children know about this special event!
Our church cookbooks will also be on sale at the yard sale.  They continue to be on display in the library ($15.00@ or $5.00 for slightly damaged ones).
Director:          Rita Mangum
Accessions:   Carolyn Coates
Circulation:  Jeanie Holbrook
Audio/Visuals:   June Jenkins
Classification:  Rita Mangum
Deborah Melancon Mary Ann Cleaton
The library is always open for use by church members.  Librarians are on duty to help patrons fifteen minutes before and after church services.  A library work day is scheduled on Thursdays from 10AM to 2PM.  Volunteers are welcome to help the staff on Thursdays. 
The church windows and bulletin board displays are a ministry of the church media library staff.  Please observe the windows to see what the library has to offer.

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